Nicole Richie is launching her first fragrance.

The Fashion designer gained inspiration for the scent, Nicole, by the ''many different layers'' of fragrances her mother used to wear when the reality TV star was a child, and as a result she particularly wanted amber, cashmere woods and vanilla smells to feature in the fragrance.

She said: ''I have a very traditional Southern mom - you never left the house without lotion.

''Over her lotion went oil and perfume - she was very put together from head to toe. It wasn't just a one-dimensional smell - there were many different layers.''

Nicole's scent also contains hints of Seville orange, Moroccan rose, lily of the valley, sandalwood and sugared patchouli, with bottles available for $55 and $69 and will be available in September.

The 30-year-old star was keen for the outer box of her scent to represent ''different layers of a woman'', which she also tries to embody with her women's clothing and jewellery lines Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960, named after her four-year-old daughter, Harlow Winter Kate Richie Madden.

She added to WWD: ''I wanted it to represent different layers of a woman, which is what I try to do with Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960.

''I'm very particular in the way that I create. We're in an interesting time right now where women aren't just one thing - there are many different parts to a woman. So I wanted to create a very intricate bottle that was still elegant, but not so in-your-face girly at the same time.''