Nicole Richie loves experimenting with her look because she thinks it's important to have fun with fashion.

The reality TV star-turned-designer is often voted one of the world's most stylish women but says she will never stick to one look as she likes to express herself with the clothes she wears.

She said: "I've pretty much always been into fashion, and the fun part is experimenting with different looks. A month ago I had long dark hair and then I chopped it all off and bleached it blonde. That's what fashion is all about - it's about playing with different looks. When I was 14, I dyed my hair green, and then I dyed my hair Pink. When I was 20, I went through a grunge stage, and then a very sophisticated stage. That's part of fashion - it's a way to let go and to express yourself. It's fun to dress up and play with different looks. I've been doing that for really my whole life."

While she likes to have fun with fashion, Nicole - who has two children, Harlow, two, and 16-month-old Sparrow with fiance Joel Madden - also revealed her pleasure at the fact the industry is staring to use different types of models for their shows.

The 29-year-old beauty told WWD: "I like that things aren't so uniform anymore. I love that you're seeing darker-skinned women and curvier women on the runway. And it's not putting down any other type. The whole message is it doesn't matter if you're thin or you're curvy. You're beautiful in your own way. That's what God gave you, so it's beautiful."