Nicole Richie's husband likes her to wear short skirts.

The fashion star - who tied the knot with rocker Joel Madden in December 2011 - enjoys experimenting with her look even though the Good Charlotte musician prefers it when she keeps it simple and tones down the accessories, claiming he fancies her the most in anything with a short hemline.

She told People magazine: ''I have found that men don't like too many bells and whistles. They're not into hats or red lipstick. They're more drawn to simplicity... and a short skirt. Shocker.''

However, Nicole is a big believer in taking risks when it comes to fashion and is adamant she dresses for herself and not for others.

Explaining her style motto, she said: ''Take risks because that's what makes it fun. Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression. [Using] different fabrics and constructions, it's all part of this game of dress up that we, on some level, are all playing.''

The 31-year-old designer says fashion has been a part of her life since she was just four years old and her famous dad Lionel Richie took her to The Grammys in a custom-made dress.

She recalled: ''I was four years-old and my father's costume designer made me a dress out of the excess fabric of one of his stage costumes. It's safe to say I stole the show that year.''