Nicole Richie doesn't wear make-up.

The Fashion designer wants to incorporate sunglasses into her forthcoming collections because they play such a big part in her life as she needs them to cover up her bare face.

She said: "We are introducing sunglass this season. Sunglasses play a huge role in my life simply because I don't wear make-up."

The 29-year-old beauty has become such a fan of eyewear that she now likes to experiment more with how they look.

She said: "Over time I've grown to like elaborate frames and fun lenses and it was important to me to bring this out for my collection."

Discussing her Winter Kate range in a behind the scenes video, Nicole says it is perfect for women who want easy style and an elegant look, but encourages a little experimentation with accessories.

She said: "The Winter Kate girl, I would describe her as a multi-tasker, someone who wears many different hats in their life, and wears something that's easy yet elegant at the same time.

"I definitely go a bit wilder with the jewellery because I think that you can. I always think of it like, when you wear jeans and a T-shirt, make jewellery something that is the accent to your outfit. I love eclectic jewellery."