Nicole Richie was at the centre of a restaurant fall-out recently, when her fiance ADAM 'DJ AM' GOLDSTEIN attacked a waiter for flirting with her.

THE SIMPLE LIFE star, daughter of soul veteran Lionel Richie, dined with Goldstein at a Hollywood eatery, where an overly attentive waiter decided to make a move and give the beauty his phone number while her lover used the restroom.

On his return, Goldstein was furious when he learned of the gesture and threw his drink over the bold waiter, yelling, "I will knock your artist a*s out if you touch my girlfriend again!"

After Richie attempted to diffuse the situation, she learned that the incident was all a part of Ashton Kutcher's hit prank show PUNK'D - which even Goldstein was in on.

During the episode, which aired in America on Sunday (17APR05), VANESSA CARLTON was fooled into believing she'd have to put on a televised performance with a terrible band and R+B newcomer Ciara was forced to face police after her driver caused a traffic accident.

19/04/2005 09:04