Nicole Richie is an emotional dresser.

The Fashion designer never plans her outfits in advance and instead dresses according to how she feels each day. However, she says wearing clothes which are comfortable so she can play with her kids, daughter Harlow, four, and son Sparrow, two, is a priority.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I'm an emotional dresser so it depends on my mood. I do not plan my outfits and just go with what I feel fits best for the day.

''I wear comfortable clothing so I am free to play.''

While Nicole cites her mother Brenda Harvey as her fashion inspiration, she often puts away special pieces from her own wardrobe for when Harlow is older.

She said: ''I try to edit my wardrobe regularly and store key pieces for my daughter for when she is older.''

Although Nicole and her husband Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden have completely different styles, she would never try to influence his fashion tastes.

She said: ''My husband has great style, so I wouldn't try and change that for the world.''