Season five of Jersey Shore premieres on Thursday evening (January 5, 2012), with Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki and the rest of the gang returning to Seaside Height, New Jersey, after a whirlwind trip to Italy. Twitter is expected to come alive with fans tweeting throughout the first episode, which will once again feature Jwow, Sammi, Ronnie, Vinny, Pauly D and the newest member, Deena.

Stopping by the Ellen Degeneres show to promote the new series, Snooki, 24, claimed she's curbed her hard-partying lifestyle - which may disappoint some Jersey Shore fans. The reality star has settled into a long-term relationship and told Ellen, "When I was 21, I didn't really care. I would go out like every single weekend and just go crazy.Now that I have a boyfriend and I'm in love and I'm 24, I only have a couple of glasses of wine once a week". DeGeneres pushed Snooki further on the dubious claims, but the Chilean-born star was insistent, saying, "It's kind of like, I've matured. I still know how to throw down a couple of shots,[but] I prefer to take it easy.I drink like two Pinots once a week and I'm good". Though Snooki and Jionni Lavalle were at each other's throats during their time in Florence, Italy, the duo's relationship is reportedly better than ever. Speaking last year to US Weekly, Snooki said, "We're good.I mean, obviously, with the show, it kind of sucks a little bit seeing all the drama that goes on. But we're holding it together".

Jersey Shore season five premieres on MTV tonight, and will run for fourteen episodes.