Nicole Polizzi, the Jersey Shore star better known as 'Snooki', is usually covered in layers of bronze fake tan, fake eyelashes and plenty of hairspray. What a surprise it was then on Wednesday evening (January 18, 2012) when the star posted an image on Twitter in which she wore no makeup whatsoever.

The petit Chilean-born reality star added the caption, "No make up day :) and IDC [I don't care]". Even Snooki couldn't have dreamed of the positive response the photograph received, with the vast majority of her fans complimenting the new look and suggesting she looked considerably younger without makeup. Snooki had previously admitted to wearing makeup at all times, even when hitting the gym for a workout, but it appears she is coming around to the idea of a more natural look. After being overwhelmed by the positive feedback, Nicole told fans, "Can I just say how amazing my fans/supporters are! You guys really know how to put a smile on my face! Love you all beyond words". One fan had told her "you are actually prettier without makeup!!! Go with ittt!! : )", while another said, "u look great without it u should go natural more often".

The third episode in the fifth season of Jersey Shore airs on MTV tonight (19 January 2011) and features the roommates as they attempt to adjust to life without Vinny.