Snooki planned to put high heels on as soon as her baby was born to ensure she ''looked good'' when he first saw her.

The 'Jersey Shore' star took the fashion accessory with her when she went into labour with baby boy Lorenzo - who she welcomed into the world with fiance Jionni LaValle in August - but she couldn't bring herself to put the footwear on because her feet were swollen.

The brunette beauty - who has previously confessed to putting on make-up in the delivery room before giving birth - said: ''I even brought heels just in case, but my feet just blew up - I couldn't. I just want to look good when my baby first sees me!''

Snooki - whose real name is Nicole Polizzi - was known for her wild partying antics on MTV's 'Jersey Shore', but she insists her life is ''totally different'' since becoming a mother.

She explained: ''It's crazy 'cause, you know me, I always wanted to have a good time. 'Where's the next party? What am I going to do tonight?' And now it's just like, you know, 'I love my baby. What can we do with him?' It's just totally different.''

While the 24-year-old star admits she will ''definitely'' miss 'Jersey Shore' - which is currently in its sixth and final season - she feels it is the ''right time'' for the reality show to come to an end.

Speaking on the 'Today' show earlier this morning (24.10.12), she added: ''It's definitely bittersweet. But you know, me being pregnant, filming the last season, it was just like the right time - when we're all growing up, going our separate ways ... So I think this was the perfect time, but I'm definitely going to miss it.''