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WHO CARES! Snooki is the biggest joke that these morons in MTV ever presented to the public. A white trash mental midget, a slob with no class, and IT becomes a celebrity. The world's gone nuts! And everyone wonders why all of a sudden we're experiencing all these horrible natural disasters?! It's because we've decided to go backwards in progress instead of forward and the "Man upstairs" is totally disgusted enough to put an end to our idiocy! . . . And then there's the WWE. The epitome of trailer trash entertainment where all their fans believe the crap the wrestlers do is real. A Duhhhhhh!!! What a mix! Snooki and the WWE! Heck they were made for each other. Oh, and by the way . . . WHAT is a Snooki anyway? Down here in Florida, it's a fish (Snook). lol!

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by BigJoe56

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we will be glad to see her at wrestlemania with John Morison. Good Orton ( R.K. O) That was a great match with the corre. I am still waiting for you to take CM Punk ( CM suck ) next week. do to CM Punk what you did with the rest. Dan

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by Yodgorbek

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