Jersey Shore's Snooki aka Nicole Polizzi has had a $7 million counterclaim filed against her, by the licensing company SRG Ventures. The move is a response to Snooki's attempts to sue the company for breach of contract, after she alleged that they failed to adequately pursue licensing opportunities to maximise her earning potential.

According to reports in The New York Post, Nicole entered into a contract with the company with a view to them arranging a number of licensing deals on Snooki-branded goods such as school supplies, watches, shoes and lingerie. The counterclaim from SRG suggests that, in fact, Snooki delayed agreement on a number of deals and was negotiating with other brands behind SRG's backs. Snooki's lawyer, Robert J. Hantman has so far denied these claims. Nicole rose to fame as one of the prominent cast members of the popular reality show Jersey Shore and has been hitting the headlines lately for her bizarre beauty routines, revealing on the Conan show last month (November 2011) that she uses cat litter as an exfoliator for her face. She has already ventured into the world of branding, with a Snooki fragrance and two bestselling books on the high street.

She is not the only Jersey Shore star with legal issues on her hands; Mike Sorrentino (aka 'The Situation') is also caught up in a feud with the clothing label Abercrombie & Fitch after they publicly offered him money not to wear their clothes.