Snooki is ready to have another baby.

The former 'Jersey Shore' star - who gave birth to her first child Lorenzo in August with her fiance Jionni LaValle - has revealed she wants to expand their family as soon as possible and would love to have twins.

The 25-year-old reality TV star - who real name is Nicole Polizzi - told ''l want kids now, actually! Twins.

''[Twins run] In Jionni's [family], so it could be a possibility. I would love that!''

Snooki - who recently admitted she put pressure on herself to lose the 42 pounds she gained during her pregnancy because she feared Jionni would leave her - is still following her strict diet and fitness plan despite being back to 102 pounds.

She said: ''I go to the gym seven days a week, I'm on a meal plan.

''The only thing I eat that I love is ice cream.''

She previously admitted she and Jionni found it difficult adjusting to parenthood because of how it has affected their relationship.

She said: ''It's definitely hard to have alone time, as me and Jionni are parents, and taking care of Lorenzo is all about Lorenzo. Hopefully we'll get that spark back.''

However the pint-sized personality is besotted with her baby boy and loves being a young mother.

She said: ''I love when Lorenzo laughs. When we tickle him, he can just crack up for hours. And that always makes me happy.''