Snooki found pregnancy sex ''boring''.

The former 'Jersey Shore' star - real name Nicole Polizzi - has opened up about her less than exciting love life while expecting her son Lorenzo with fiancé Jionni LaValle, explaining that her baby bump often made intimacy difficult.

Snooki gives a warts-and-all account of her pregnancy in new book 'Baby Bumps' and discussing the release, she said: ''It's just kind of my story of how it went, and it's about having sex when you're eight months pregnant ... you have this huge belly and sometimes you get horny, [but] you can't have sex like you used to. It's boring. The sex is boring when you're pregnant 'cause you can't do much.''

The 25-year-old star, whose son is now 13 months old, is still struggling to find quality time with her man in bed - and says steamy sessions are few and far between as they are exhausted after a long day of parenting.

She explained to AOL's 'The Lowdown with Diana Madison': ''He just turned 13 months so we're still kind of new parents and it's hard to try and get the sex back because you're too tired because you're taking care of the baby. It's nice to just get away for a night and just have that romantic time because it gets hectic. Jionni's coming this weekend, so we're definitely having sex!''