Snooki Polizzi, the controversial star of reality television show Jersey Shore, is reportedly wanted by a diet company to promote their product after she was the subject of mocking on a recent episode of South Park.
According to, a company named AcaiSupply was outraged at how the animated show portrayed Snooki's weight and have decided to offer her a deal. The contract would see the 22-year-old give the company a "glowing testimonial" in exchange for a cut of the profits and a free year's supply of their products. It is not currently known whether the she has agreed to the deal.
South Park's much anticipated 'Jersey Shore' episode aired on Wednesday 13th October 2010. There have also been reports this week that Polizzi has been offered her own 'Jersey Shore' spinoff show, however, MTV were quick to cool the rumours, saying, "We can't confirm any new Jersey Shore related programming at this time."