Snooki never goes anywhere without mint chewing gum.

The former 'Jersey Shore' star is ''paranoid'' about having bad breath as her fiancée Jionni LaVelle - with whom she has 14-month-old son Lorenzo - often teases her about having foul mouth odour, so she carries the refreshment in her handbag as a cautionary measure.

Snooki- real name Nicole Polizzi - told ''I'm never without minty gum so it feels like I just brushed my teeth. Jionni always tells me my breath smells. So I'm paranoid.''

The 25-year-old reality star also revealed she has often been left-red faced during important business meetings after dropping her sanitary wear from her handbag, but chooses to see the funny side.

She explained: ''I've dropped my tampons in business meetings. It's always the super-size ones too! I just laugh it off, but it's really embarrassing.''

The pint-sized star claims her current stint on 'Dancing with the Stars' often leaves her with painful blisters so she keeps an emergency stash of plasters for her gruelling rehearsals.

She said: ''Competing on 'Dancing with the Stars' is like boot camp. I keep Tylenol [a brand of Paracetamol] handy because my body is so sore, and Band-Aids for all my blisters.''

Meanwhile, Snooki is gearing up to Samba with partner Sasha Farber on the show this week following their Foxtrot, which scored them nines from all the judges.