Snooki is aware she isn't ''high fashion''.

The former 'Jersey Shore' star - whose real name is Nicole Polizzi - has been rocking a more conservative look since becoming a mother last year, and says she has ditched her tacky club clothes for more conservative dresses, even though she refuses to part ways with her beloved leopard print.

She told E! online: ''Well, I would say my style has definitely changed. I don't wear short dresses anymore and I'm definitely not into high fashion. I'm still shopping at the same places. I just don't wear club clothes anymore.

''I'm more of, like, chic one day, and then gangster the next day, and then bohemian, so I try and do all the looks. I don't really have a style but, I mean, it's not high fashion.''

The 25-year-old star - who has a nine-month-old son Lorenzo with her fiancé Jionni LaValle - prides herself on looking good and insisted on wearing heels throughout her pregnancy.

Snooki even brought the skyscraper shoes into the delivery room before giving birth last August.

She quipped at the time: ''I even brought heels just in case, but my feet just blew up - I couldn't. I just want to look good when my baby first sees me!''