It seems as though one of the original stars of Jersey Shore may leave the show, according to the Huffington Post today (January 6, 2012). The report, which shows a clip from the reality TV show, reveals that Nicole Polizzi's friend Vinny Guadagnino may have succumbed to the stress of filming the show, which follows the lives of eight housemates living on the Jersey Shore, New Jersey.
In the clip, Vinnie shows signs of wanting to leave, saying to his housemates "I'm sad, I'm anxious, I'm stressed, I'm hyper, I'm tired and I'm starting not to think rationally here, I have nothing left in me. I'm homesick, you know what I'm saying? It's f*****g with me ... Bro, I can't f*****g function in this environment." His friends and housemates Ronnie and Pauly D tried to talk him through his worries and Ronnie said that he wanted to try and ensure that Vinnie did not quit the show: "This is starting to get crazy. I'm like, how do I talk this kid off the ledge, 'cause I know right now he wants to jump."
Viewers of the show will have to watch the next episode, aired on MTV on Thursday, to find out the outcome of Vinnie's struggles. The show has come under fire, not least by New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie, for the fact that only two of the show's stars are actually from New Jersey. The majority of them are from New York.