With the news of Nicole Polizzi (aka Snooki)'s pregnancy and forthcoming wedding now confirmed and out in the open, fans of the reality show that made her famous are wondering what will happen to the show, now that one of its biggest stars is going to have to give up her partying ways.
New York Daily News have commented on the speculation over the show's future, calming its fans by reminding them that Jersey Shore is "the most popular show" on MTV. The article points out that whilst Snooki herself may have to give up her spot in the limelight ("Babies are an incredible buzz kill for a life of hooking up and getting wasted."), she won't exactly be hard to replace. In fact, New Jersey is reportedly teeming with potential Snooki replacements, according to the article's author, David Hinckley, who suggests "Does anyone think Mtv is going to dump [the show] because it can't find another loudmouth girl in her 20s who wants to make gobs of money for cursing, fighting and drinking too much?
We're not talking about replacing Dame Judi Dench here. Announce tryouts for Snooki's gig and you'd have to rent out Staten Island to hold the candidates."
Last week, Snooki announced that she was pregnant with her first child and also that she is engaged to her boyfriend Jionni LaValle. LaValle reportedly spent $55,000 on her unique engagement ring.