Nicole Kidman says urinating on Zac Efron during a scene in their upcoming movie 'The Paperboy' was just another day at the office. Kidman plays oversexed woman Charlotte, who is dedicated to marrying a convict, despite never having met him.
In one scene, Charlotte pees on Jack's (Efron) face and chest after he is stung by a jellyfish on the beach. In a new interview with V Magazine, the multi-award winning Australian actress said, "The peeing thing, I didn't think was that weird, because I was in character. [For] me, it said so much about Charlotte. One, she's protecting him. Two, she's tough as nails, and no one else is going to pee on this guy. All of that made total sense to me. I just went for it and didn't overthink it". Speaking about the scene at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, Kidman told the press, "It's my job to give over to something, not to censor it". It's a part of the movie that the actress feels is integral to the narrative, and she reportedly lobbied for it to be included when director Lee Daniels contemplated leaving it on the cutting room floor.
Though the film has received mixed reviews, Kidman's turn as Charlotte is being described as one of the finest of her career. Audiences can make their own minds up when 'The Paperboy' trickles into a limited number of cinemas on October 5, 2012.