Australian photographer JAMIE FAWCETT has been ordered to appear in court next month (NOV06) over allegations he planted a bug outside Nicole Kidman's home more than a year ago. Fawcett was first charged with possessing a listening device outside Kidman's home in the waterfront Sydney suburb of Darling Point in January 2005. Fawcett told the Sydney Daily Telegraph newspaper that he hoped the whole affair would "die a slow death" and claimed that he was being unfairly targetted by police. He adds, "I just think in this instance the police have got a hard-on for me." Police have continued to investigate the high-profile case and issued the summons on Thursday (05OCT06), after a legal battle to obtain Fawcett's DNA failed. Authorities had hoped to compare Fawcett's DNA to DNA found on a listening device that was discovered in a garden outside Kidman's home during the star's visit to Australia early last year (05). Two sets of DNA were discovered on the evidence, which a security guard found, but Fawcett appealed against the order to submit a DNA sample to the Supreme Court and won. An apprehended violence order was placed on Fawcett after the Oscar winning actress claimed he went too far in pursuing pictures of her and made her fearful of leaving her home. An out-of-court deal was reached, allowing Fawcett to carry out his work, which he did during Kidman's wedding to country star Keith Urban in June (06). Fawcett is expected to appear in Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney on 22 November (06).