OSCAR-winner Nicole Kidman could command $15 million (GBP10 million) for a film but thinks she needs to go back to the London stage - to conquer her stage fright.

Nicole would only earn a fraction of the money - and hasn't even been offered a part - but following her performance in The Blue Room, desperately wants to do some more treading the boards.

She says, "I'm going to get too scared to do theatre if I don't return soon. It doesn't matter if the play doesn't do well, or if I'm not very good in it."

"My agents will go mad because there's no money in it and you certainly don't go to the DONMAR or the ALMEIDA for the money. What is it, GBP50 a performance?

"Look at me, I haven't even been asked to do anything yet! If Sam Mendes (who directed her in The Blue Room) or Stephen Daldry or KATIE MITCHELL at the NATIONAL THEATRE offered anything, I'd do it."