Nicole Kidman's daughters thought her swallowing a fish in 'Aquaman' was the ''highlight'' of her career.

The 51-year-old actress may have won four Golden Globes, two Emmy Awards, a BAFTA and an Oscar, but Sunday, 10, and seven-year-old Faith - her kids with husband Keith Urban - have never been more impressed than when they visited her on the set of her latest movie 'Aquaman'.

Nicole, who plays Queen Atlanna, the Queen of Atlantis, in the movie, said: ''They saw me swallow a goldfish... Well, in their eyes, that is the highlight of my career.

''It was a gelatin goldfish. I did not eat a real goldfish, as much as I am dedicated to my art.''

The actress particularly enjoyed working on the film because it was shot in her native Australia.

She said: ''My mom was able to come up and stay and my daughters were very happy to be there.''

'Aquaman' marks the first time Nicole's daughters have been genuinely excited about her work.

She said in a recent interview to promote the movie: ''They're more excited about this film than they have been about anything I've done before.

''They're not really interested in most of the work I do, and this is the first movie I've made that they can tell the kids at school about that they're interested in too. Particularly the boys, who are all like, 'Is your Mom really going to be in 'Aquaman'? Wow.' ''

And the 'Big Little Lies' star was delighted to take on a lighter role after shooting 'Destroyer', in which she plays an emotionally-damaged cop, and 'Boy Erased', in which she is the conflicted mother of a homosexual son.

She said: ''Towards the end of my making 'Destroyer', Keith did say, 'When will this be over?'

''He is very supportive of my artistic choices but that was just intense. But with 'Aquaman', I could just have fun.

''And I really needed that at that time - I was like, 'Please. Bring it on.' ''