Nicole Kidman thinks audience ''demand'' led to a second season of 'Big Little Lies'.

The Oscar-winning actress stars in the acclaimed HBO series, and she's claimed that the global reaction to the first season of the show meant that a follow-up became inevitable.

She shared: ''We all said goodbye, but we became very close, had such a good time doing it and the desire to spend more time together was a huge part of it, but there was an enormous demand from the audience.

''I've never been in something that reached so far globally, that was such a compelling idea in terms of putting it together again ... but it was generated by the audience.''

Nicole, 51 - who stars on the show alongside the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley - thinks it's difficult to compare seasons one and two of 'Big Little Lies'.

However, the acclaimed actress reassured fans that the second season has been made with the same level of ''love'' as season one.

She said: ''I will say not to compare it to the first one ... it is its own entity and hopefully, it will be taken in that way. It was definitely made with an enormous amount of love.''

Meanwhile, Nicole previously described working on 'Big Little Lies' as a ''sacred gift''.

The Hollywood star admitted she relished the experience of working with so many talented women on the popular TV series.

She explained: ''I like working with women - for years, I've worked to support women in all fields. I believe in sisterhood.

''I learned so much from having a feminist mother who fought for our rights in the 1960s and as always been involved in social work. We are sisters in the world and we have to support each other.

''To work with such strong women is a sacred gift.''