Nicole Kidman's daughters chose her Golden Globes dress.

The 'Lion' actress stepped out of her comfort zone to walk the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton hotel in a silver Alexander McQueen gown with statement sleeves because the ''fairy'' dress made eight-year-old Sunday and six-year-old Faith - her kids with husband Keith Urban - so happy.

She told ''I was trying all the frocks on and when I put this on they both jumped up and said, 'Mummy, you look like a beautiful fairy on that dress!' So that was it. I stopped trying on any of the others and said to them that I'm wearing the fairy dress to the Globes.

''It's not really what I would normally wear but it made the girls happy.''

To go with her ''dreamy'' and ''rock chick'' gown, make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury gave her a metallic eye.

She explained: ''Her look is dreamy, ethereal, and has a little bit of a rock chick kind of edge to it. She's wearing a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress that's tulle and silver, its dreamy.

''[The glittery eye shadow] really plays with the light and picks up the light really beautifully.''

And Charlotte also used a lipstick she had specially mixed for the 49-year-old star.

She told People Style: ''[On her lips is] Kidman's Kiss -- a colour that I specifically mixed for her. It's her favourite lipstick.''

Nicole's hair was arranged by Kylee Heath into a woven half-updo, which wasn't the stylist's original plan for her locks.

She explained: ''I started working a low, messy bun with a criss-cross effect on top that had a fishtail feel to it.

''When we got halfway through, everyone in the room agreed that we should stop! It was perfect half-up, half down. The loose pieces were just the edge we needed.''

Nicole ''loved'' her look, and her husband approved too.

Kylee said: ''When her hair was finished and Nicole was getting into her dress, her husband Keith came in for a quickie hair touch-up himself. And when he saw Nicole, he looked at Charlotte and me and said, 'Nice job, girls!' ''