Nicole Kidman's kids thought she was ''crazy'' whilst she was making her latest movie.

The Academy Award-winning actress has revealed that her two youngest children, daughters Sunday, 10, and Faith, seven, were both baffled as they witnessed Nicole working on some of her new movie, 'Destroyer', from home.

Nicole - who plays LAPD detective Erin Bell in the crime thriller - explained: ''We were by the skin of our teeth trying to make this film, and I mean, my kids are always like, 'What is she doing now? Our crazy mama.'''

However, Nicole believes her work will ultimately have a positive impact on her kids, sparking their ''vivid imaginations''.

The 51-year-old star - who also has son Connor, 23, and daughter Isabella, 25, from her marriage to Tom Cruise - told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I think, because they see me creating characters and, you know, they have vivid imaginations themselves and they construct stories, and so that's all they know.''

Meanwhile, Nicole's husband Keith Urban previously admitted it was a ''miracle'' their marriage ''survived'' the first year because of his drug addictions.

The country singer shared: ''I caused the implosion of my fresh marriage. It survived, but it's a miracle it did.

''I was spiritually awoken with her. I use the expression: 'I was born into her', and that's how I feel. And for the first time in my life, I could shake off the shackles of addiction.''

Keith revealed that at one point, he thought his substance use would kill him.

The musician - who married Nicole in 2006 - said: ''I'd go to sleep, wake up a couple of hours later, go at it again, drinking to take the edge off.

''I remember thinking, 'I'm probably not going to make it until tomorrow.' And then I thought, 'F**k it. I really don't care. It'll be a relief to not have to. I'll take an Ambien and at some point I'll pass.'

''I was taking everything. I remember thinking, 'Oh, good, this is the end of it, yahoo.' I was quite happy about it.''