Nicole Kidman has given 'Big Little Lies' fans a sneak peak of Meryl Streep in the HBO series.

The 50-year-old actress plays Celeste Wright in the hit drama - which revolves around a group of mothers who become embroiled in a murder in their apparently quiet suburban neighbourhood - alongside Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz and Laura Dern and she has taken to Instagram to share a picture of Streep, 68, joining the cast as Kidman's mother-in-law.

Posting a photo of the pair in a scene together, she wrote: ''First day on the set with Meryl and ''my'' darling boys! #BigLittleLies [sic]''

Kidman and Witherspoon, 42, previously commented how excited they were to have Streep on board for the role because the part was written with her mind.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', Kidman said: ''Reese and I were just [thinking], 'She would be so amazing in the role!'

''We didn't think we'd get her. It was written for her and we wanted her. It really is her standing up and going, 'I support you as women and I believe in you.'

''I think that's a big statement from her. We're determined to give her an extraordinary experience. She's had a lot of experiences so we just want to make it fun for her and vibrant and exciting.''

The first season of 'Big Little Lies' received a total of 16 Emmy Award nominations and won eight, including Outstanding Limited Series, and four Golden Globes.