Nicole Kidman says she is feeling ''OK'' after she was crashed into by a photographer on a bicycle.

The 'Stoker' star appeared free from any visible injuries when gracing the red carpet at the Calvin Klein Collection after-party during New York Fashion Week but did admit she was feeling a little ''shaken'' following her collision with freelance photographer Carl-Wu when he attempted to take a picture of her outside the Carlyle Hotel on Thursday afternoon (12.09.13).

The Oscar-winning actress told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I'm OK, yeah ... [I'm] a bit shaken.''

Nicole suggested also she hasn't taken any further legal action against the paparazzo who failed to pull the brakes on his bicycle before he slammed into Nicole and sent her to the ground.

When asked if she will press charges, she replied: ''I'm leaving that with the police.''

According to gossip website TMZ, Carl was given a ticket for riding his bike on the pavement, but was not arrested for a criminal offence.

A policeman at the scene was reportedly heard saying: ''An accident's an accident.''

The photographer has gained notoriety for his run-ins with several celebrities in the past - he allegedly behaved recklessly trying to take a photograph of Lady GaGa in 2010.