Nicole Kidman is willing to get ''really hurt'' for the sake of her career.

The 51-year-old actress has revealed she has no qualms with pushing herself to the physical limit in order to deliver the most memorable scenes possible.

Nicole - who stars in the award-winning TV series 'Big Little Lies' - explained: ''I have certain boundaries but I also have a very strong commitment artistically that I'm willing to commit to. But it's my choice.

''Even something like 'Big Little Lies', we're doing scenes where I'm actually physically getting hurt, bruised - really hurt. But I'm in it and doing it because I feel that doing that will somehow make the scene better and I know what I'm doing.''

Nicole admitted that her attitude and approach sometimes leaves her in a ''strange'' scenario.

She said, according to the Metro: ''It's a very strange thing being a very committed artist and always finding what your boundaries are and how far you're willing to go.''

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Nicole revealed she likes working with eccentric directors because she is a bit ''strange''.

The Oscar-winning star - who is married to musician Keith Urban - said she enjoys making movies with filmmakers who challenge her, and Nicole admitted Lars von Trier was probably the most unusual director she has collaborated with because everything he did was unconventional.

Nicole - who made 2003's revenge tragedy 'Dogville' with the Danish filmmaker - said: ''I'm strange. So what other people go is totally strange, I don't find strange.

''I was sitting there, and Lars was literally at the window of the hotel, outside. And then he's climbing in. That's sort of weird. And then driving around in his camper van, because he doesn't fly. Or hiking in the forest in the dead of winter in the snow, and that's rehearsal.''