Nicole Kidman was shocked by the scale of the Hollywood sex scandal.

The 51-year-old actress - who is one of the best-paid stars in the movie business - has admitted to being ignorant about the issue and being ''embarrassed'' by her own child-like outlook earlier in her career.

Asked whether the stories of sexual abuse and harassment came as a surprise to her, Nicole - who was previously married to American star Tom Cruise - shared: ''Oh it was surprising, definitely, that it was happening right there. And perhaps more so for me, I think, in that I grew up protected from it.

''I had to navigate certain things. But I was married at 22. Really young.

''And before that I was a kid on set - from 14 on I had a parent or a chaperone with me, watching like a hawk. And in some ways, I was still a child when I came out of my marriage - the marriage I am going to shut up about!

''I didn't have the full grown-up approach to life when I came out of it. I was still very childlike. Which I was embarrassed by.''

Nicole also admitted to being shocked by the allegations made against movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

The actress - who worked with Weinstein's studios half a dozen times during her career - told the Observer newspaper: ''I always knew Harvey had a lot of anger. But I would never have thought he was capable of the rest.

''My parts with Harvey were quite limited. I would work and I would go home, because again I have been in a marriage and with young children pretty much my whole adult life.

''I am unusual in that I have never really been a party girl. I have certainly got friends who have experienced this, not just in this industry but in all industries. But still it was a massive eye-opener.''