On Monday (28Mar16), Australian Woman's Day magazine reported the actresses had "barely talked" and had gone from "being close friends to bitter rivals." The publication claimed that a point of contention in their pair's relationship was the fact that Naomi had remained friendly with Nicole's ex-husband, actor Tom Cruise.

"Naomi insisted she didn't want to damage her reputation in Hollywood by bad-mouthing Tom - Nic felt betrayed by that, especially as Naomi and Tom have been quite friendly over the years," a source told the magazine.

However, in response to the claims, a source close to Nicole told The Daily Mail that the rumours were "silly and completely untrue" and confirmed that the pair are "still very good friends".

The insider laughed off any reports of a rift between the friends, labelling the rumours as "nonsense" and saying: "There is absolutely no truth to the reports, they are very good friends and there is no reason why they wouldn't be."

Despite the pair living in different parts of the U.S., with Nicole, 48, based in Nashville with her country music star husband Keith Urban, 48, and Naomi, 47, living in Los Angeles with her actor beau Liev Screiber, 48, the source also claimed the pair still catch up with one another on a regular basis.

Last week, blonde beauty Naomi told Net-A-Porter's The Edit that the duo still loved to see each other but admitted that they had "big gaps" between visits.

"We're busy people living in different places," she shared.

Nicole and Naomi's friendship extends back to when they both attended North Sydney Girls High School, where they were just one year apart. The two actresses were then cast in an Australian coming-of-age comedy/drama Flirting in 1991.

From their humble beginnings, the pair has remained close as they took on roles in Hollywood, welcoming similar successes in their respective careers. The stars have even both played iconic princesses, with British-born Naomi portraying Princess Diana in 2013 film Diana, while Nicole starred as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco in 2014.

The pair also have two children each - Nicole two girls, Sunday Rose, seven, and Faith Margaret, five, while Naomi has two boys, Alexander, eight, and Samuel, seven.