Nicole Kidman decided to spend the recent Christmas holidays in Los Angeles after her children declared they couldn't bear the long flight to Sydney, Australia.

The OSCAR-winning actress enjoys regular trips with daughter ISABELLA, 11, and son CONOR, nine, to the country where she was raised. But last year (04), the decided to back out of making the long journey, attending a basketball game in California instead.

She explains, "I stayed (in Los Angeles) 'cause I finished shooting Bewitched just before Christmas and my kids were like, 'We can't get on a plane and fly for 14 hours,' 'cause it's a long way to Sydney.

"I took my kids to the (LA) LAKERS game on Christmas day which was a good Christmas present, huh?"

The decision to stay in Los Angeles also pulled Kidman away from any possible kitchen duties.

She adds, "We went to a friend's house on Christmas night and ate their food that they cooked. I'm not very good at (cooking)!"

07/01/2005 20:34