Screen beauty Nicole Kidman will always maintain her friendship with ex-husband Tom Cruise, because the pair spent so many important years together.

But OSCAR-winning Nicole - who has two adopted children with the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE superstar - says he will never be the most important person in her life again following their shock split in 2001.

Nicole says, "The other day I said to him, 'We spent 11 years together', and he said, '12'. And so, to walk away from that, and to deny it was the most important thing in my life to date, would be ridiculous.

"So I suppose I'm going to cherish and remember these things, and this person can still be in my life, though he will never be the most important person."

Kidman is currently reportedly planning to marry her rocker boyfriend Lenny Kravitz, despite both parties refusing to comment on the relationship.

28/11/2003 19:35