OSCAR winner Nicole Kidman vowed she and former husband Tom Cruise would never appear together on-screen again - even before their marriage broke up.

The actress previously starred alongside her famous ex in Days of Thunder - after which the pair married - FAR AND AWAY and in Stanley Kubrick's sexually explicit Eyes Wide Shut, but ruled out another collaboration after fearing for the "sanctity" of their marriage, which eventually ended in 2001.

And if Cruise had taken up director Anthony Minghella's offer to play the hero in upcoming movie Cold Mountain, Kidman would have never accepted the role of ADA MONROE in the civil war epic.

She says now, "We did not want to make a movie together again. There is something about on-screen coupling that doesn't work.

"I certainly wouldn't put myself through it again if I ever ended up in a relationship with an actor, because it's not worth it. There is something about protecting the sanctity of marriage."

11/12/2003 17:20