OSCAR-winning actress Nicole Kidman has warned her ex-husband Tom Cruise to avoid photographic publicity stunts with his new girlfriend Katie Holmes because it makes their romance look fake.

Polls in US magazines PEOPLE and US WEEKLY show a majority of both publications' readers are skeptical about the sincerity of the Hollywood couple's relationship, because both Cruise and Holmes have films released this month (JUN05) - Cruise stars in War of the Worlds, while Holmes is in Batman BEGINS.

And COLD MOUNTAIN star Kidman fears the new couple's carefully prepared photo opportunities are doing nothing to convince cynics their relationship is real.

She tells style magazine Vanity Fair, "In terms of your life, if you start to exploit it, then what's real, and what's not? What's yours, and what isn't?"

Kidman and Cruise ended their 10-year marriage in 2001.

07/06/2005 17:26