Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban have urged the media in her native Australia to leave the family alone during their visit to the country.
Kidman gave birth to the couple's first child, Sunday Rose, last month (Jul08) in Nashville, Tennessee and they flew back to Kidman's hometown of Sydney on Wednesday (06Au08) to show off the tot to the actress' friends and family.
The couple refused to agree to a magazine deal and sell pictures of the new arrival - and Kidman fears the move may spark chaos during their holiday as photographers clamber to get the first pictures of baby Sunday.
So the pair has asked the media to show some restraint for the sake of their daughter.
Kidman says, "Keith and I are just appealing to the press to give us a little space so we can walk around Sydney and show the baby our town. Just a little bit because she's tiny, she's not a doll, she's a real little thing. Just not right in our face or her face because it's scary for her, she's tiny. A tiny little thing."
And Urban adds, "I get the interest in it, I get that - but at the same time, it's our little girl and I think sometimes when people come right up in our face and you think, 'Good God, would you do that to anybody else's child?'"