Hollywood star Nicole Kidman has spoken out in defence of psychiatry, months after her ex-husband Tom Cruise publicly denounced the medical practice.

During an interview with Matt Lauer on the TODAY show in June (05), Cruise blasted both psychology and psychiatry and slammed actress Brooke Shields' use of therapy and anti-depressant drugs to fight post-partum depression following the birth of her first child.

Cruise said, "I've never agreed with psychiatry, ever. Before I was a Scientologist I never agreed with psychiatry. And when I started studying the history of psychiatry, I understood more and more why I didn't believe in psychology."

After researching her role as psychiatrist for her next movie THE VISITING, Kidman is a full supporter of the benefits of psychiatry.

She says, "I have a father who is a psychologist, so my life has been research.

"Yeah, of course (psychiatry is worthwhile). I think all sorts of things do, in terms of Buddhism, in terms of therapy. I think people choose things that they need that are going to help them. And obviously, I've seen my father do some magnificent work."