Antipodean beauty Nicole Kidman refuses to blame anyone over ill-fated movie EUCALYPTUS being abandoned, despite her fuming would-be-co-stars pointing the finger at Russell Crowe.

The film, set to star Kidman, Crowe and Hugo Weaving was cancelled indefinitely last month (FEB05) due to script problems.

After Weaving publicly blamed Crowe for the film's demise, the OSCAR-winning actor admitted he wasn't happy with a full-frontal scene in the script.

Crowe said, "I don't have a problem with Hugo venting. I agree with most of what he said."

Meanwhile Kidman is deeply saddened by the fiasco, having expressed her excitement at working on the film in the New South Wales town of Bellingen.

She says, "It's very, very sad for me personally.

"I remember that part of the world from my childhood holidays and I really wanted the rest of the world to see a part of Australia we know about but they don't."

30/03/2005 17:47