Nicole Kidman has downplayed the embarrassment of her ill-fated court battle with two photographers by claiming she only took legal action on the advice of the police.

The BIRTH actress was granted a restraining order against snappers JAMIE FAWCETT and BEN McDONALD after she alleged they ignored road safety to chase her car at high speeds and planted a listening device outside her mansion.

But last month (FEB05) magistrate LEE GILMOUR slammed Kidman at a hearing in Sydney's Waverley Local Court for failing to settle her differences with the snappers "like intelligent people" without resorting to the courts.

However, Kidman is adamant she only pursued legal action because the presence of intrusive paparazzi photographers in her life was spiralling out of control - and detectives suggested she turn to the courts for help.

She says, "Apart from having photographers camped outside my front door all the time it was getting dangerous chasing my car through city streets.

"It was the police who suggested the action. They said you have the same rights as any other citizen."

30/03/2005 09:05