Nicole Kidman was surprised by her reaction when a helicopter she was travelling in plunged from the sky - because she calmly accepted her fate.
The Hours star was in a chopper five years ago when the engine stopped and the craft started to drop towards the ground.
The passengers panicked as they faced certain death, but Kidman was overcome with tranquillity until the pilot regained control and landed safely.
And the actress admits she's proud of how she handled her near-death experience - because it made her realise how strong she is.
She tells Britain's Marie Claire, "The engine stopped and everyone was screaming and I became unbelievably calm. The pilot panicked, people panicked, but I just went, 'Ok, this is what's going to be. Please don't make it too painful.'
"Maybe it was the shock that made me so calm, but I love it when I surprise myself and see what I'm made of. I suppose that's what I call discovering who I am."