Nicole Kidman made her debut as a groupie wife on Thursday night (13JUL06), joining new husband Keith Urban for the first show on his North American tour. The Oscar-winner's presence at the Sarnia Bayfest concert in Ontario, Canada, sent the event's security into overdrive after a local radio station said it would pay $75,000 (GBP42,000) for a shot of the newlyweds kissing. According to Bayfest organiser MICHELE STOKLEY, "We locked down. We were securing the perimetre. People were pretending to be volunteers (to get in)." The country singer sent the 20,000 fans into a frenzy when early in his 90 minute set he said, "I'd like to introduce you to somebody..." The ecstatic fans cheered in anticipation, expecting to see Kidman, but Urban paused and cheekily continued saying, " guitar player." Although he didn't bring Kidman onstage, Urban did dedicate the hit song her performed at his June (06) wedding, MAKING MEMORIES OF US, to "my lovely bride" and told the crowd he was "happy to join the married crowd".