Nicole Kidman has reportedly been ditched from a movie about the life of Hollywood madame Heidi Fleiss because she's too old.

The OSCAR winner was interested in playing the notorious Fleiss, who boasted of a vast string of celebrity clients - but the former prostitute claims producers have opted for Hilary Swank instead.

She tells gossip site The Scoop, "It had something to do with age. She'd have to play a 22-year-old, and she's nearly forty. I think she's amazing and could play a 22-year-old or whatever she wanted, but they said 'How about Hilary Swank?' and I said, great, fine, whoever.

"I would have said great, fine, whoever, if they had said Roseanne Barr. I stopped paying attention because I'm focusing on my future, not my past."

Kidman's spokesperson, however, insists the actress pulled out of the movie: "At some point a long time ago Nicole had expressed some interest in it. But she was never attached to it and is no longer even considering it."

20/07/2005 02:46