Skinny superstar Nicole Kidman will have to wear a fat suit to star in the upcoming movie version of stage hit The Producers - because she's too slight for her buxom character.

Kidman has been cast as Swedish secretary ULLA - famous for her heaving and impressive bosom - alongside Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, who are carrying their roles over from the Broadway show.

But THE PRODUCERS producer MEL BROOKS - who directed the original movie, from which the stage show was spawned - is concerned Kidman's bust is too small.

Broderick explains, "Mel says we'll pad her. I think we should pad her, I guess."

But otherwise the actor - who also stars alongside Kidman in THE STEPFORD WIVES - thinks she is perfect for the role.

He says, "She could look like a Swede. She's psychotically tall, which I think will be good. I think it's a good part for her. I can't wait. I think she'll be great."

04/06/2004 17:40