Nicole Kidman attempts to pull out of every film she signs to because she is not confident in her own acting abilities.

The OSCAR-winning star gives directors a list of actresses whom she believes would be more convincing in the role - in a move to get out of making the movie.

Kidman says, "Yes, it's weird because every time I start a film, I think, 'I can't act.' I've tried to pull out of almost every film I've done because of sheer terror.

"I can always come up with a list of actresses who would be better and I try to convince the director to cast someone else by showing the list.

"My mother keeps telling me to call it quits, saying, 'I think this is enough now.' She thinks my nature is too fragile for acting. She'd love if I was a writer or a professor and had a more secluded life.

"I agree. In another few years, I hope to have reached the stage where my creativity has peaked."

28/10/2004 09:19