Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure they don't cross paths at the Cannes Film Festival.

The two women in Tom Cruise's life are both at the glitzy event - Kidman is promoting her new movie DOGVILLE while Cruz is pushing Fanfan La Tulipe.

Both films are nominated for Cannes' top prize, the prestigious PALME D'OR.

But the pair are still making every effort to stay as far from each other as possible.

While Cruise's ex-wife Kidman has booked herself into the luxurious HOTEL DU CAP, the VANILLA SKY star's current squeeze has rented a villa outside Cannes.

A source tells British tabloid the DAILY MIRROR, "Each woman has their own teams of five security men but they have both instructed that none of the bodyguards must work for the same company as the other set.

"It will be a real bloody mess if those two come face to face."

16/05/2003 02:21