Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman has another fan to add to her ever-growing list of admirers - up-and-coming actress Evan Rachel Wood.

THIRTEEN star Wood worked with OSCAR-winning Kidman on the movie PRACTICAL MAGIC six years ago (98) and was very impressed with the movie's leading lady.

Wood says, "Nicole introduced me to her mum and really took me under her wing.

"I liked watching and learning from her because she comes across as really laid-back and effortless.

"She's very classy - the way she talks, handles things, her dress sense.

"It's really great working with a woman like that, especially when you're seeing these women who are just bodies and then you see Nicole Kidman, an amazing actress who doesn't have to take off her clothes to get attention..

"She's respected all over the world because she's a strong, talented woman."

08/03/2004 09:57