Movie beauty Nicole Kidman is desperate to get pregnant - but she fears the miscarriage she suffered after her split from Tom Cruise has damaged her chances of having children.

The Cold Mountain beauty adores her two adopted children, ISABELLA and CONNOR, but she's eager to give birth to a child of her own.

But Kidman lost her baby in 2001 after a three-month pregnancy, when Cruise filed for divorce, and she's concerned the episode suggests her body won't let her have children.

She says, "I'm in a baby crave at the moment. Please, let me get pregnant. I just haven't met the person I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with.

"I don't know whether another baby is going to be given to me after the miscarriage, but, boy, that would be beautiful. I adore spending time with little people.

"I go over to my sister's just so I can be around a six-year-old, a three-year-old and a one-year-old. You feel very connected with the world when you're around kids, and for me, it's second nature. It's wonderful."

08/04/2005 17:13