The director of Nicole Kidman's controversial film BIRTH has hit back at fury over the actress' raunchy scenes with a 10-year-old boy, insisting the OSCAR winner was never naked in his presence.

In the movie, Kidman plays a woman who believes a young boy is the reincarnation of her dead husband - and one particular scene in which she shares a bath with the boy sparked widespread outrage, with some protestors accusing the film of promoting paedophilia.

But director JONATHON GLAZER insists the scene was highly choreographed to protect Cameron Bright's innocent eyes.

He says, "For certain shots, he wasn't allowed in the bath when Nicole was in the bath, and she was to have something on.

"She's off camera when he's changing to get into the bath and she couldn't be topless.

"It was all above board and choreographed very carefully."

14/11/2004 14:41