Nicole Houde, a former Miss New Hampshire, has been issued an assault charge by police in Manchester, New Hampshire after the 33 year-old allegedly punched, kicked, scratched and bit her boyfriend 33 year-old Scott Nickerson during an argument last week. CBS reports that, apparently possessing quite the temper, it didn't take long for Nicole to react after Nickerson accused her of having an affair.
During the course of this, Nickerson took her cell phone and refused to give it back, at which point - according to police - Houde attacked him. Houde's case is unfortunately not isolated in terms of former beauty pageant contestants being accused of misdemeanours in later life. Earlier this month, 2010 Miss Usa pageant winner Rima Fakih pleaded no contest to drunk driving charges. Houde herself was in that competition having won Miss New Hampshire that year.
The Miss Usa pageant is owned by Donald Trump, who suffered further embarrassment when initially kicking out Jenna Talackova from this year's competition after it was revealed that she'd had a sex change a few years previously. Following huge protestation from rights activists, Trump and the Miss Usa organisers backed down on a rule that said competitors could only compete if they were born female "naturally," and Talackova was allowed to re-join the competition.