Actress Nicole Eggert has been given a reason to smile amid her financial woes after her mother underwent successful cancer surgery.

The former Baywatch beauty declared bankruptcy in September (13), claiming she had just $400 (£250) in cash to her name, and she was dealt another personal blow months later when her mum Georgina was diagnosed with colon cancer.

The disease spread to her liver, and she went under the knife in December (13).

Now Georgina claims the worst of her health crisis is over, because doctors were able to remove the tumours during the operation and now she is in remission.

She tells the National Enquirer, "I was lucky enough to have great doctors, and a great daughter.

"Nicole took care of everything... and me. She made all my (doctor's) appointments, took all my messages - she was my angel."

The good news is particularly poignant for Eggert - her father Rolf died from skin cancer in 2008.