Nicole Appleton has opened up about her painful 2013.

The singer was left by her husband Liam Gallagher for his assistant following allegations he fathered a lovechild with a US journalist, but she took to Twitter and insisted she has learned from her tough year.

She tweeted: ''2013 taught me 1)No matter how good you treat people there will always be people that are ling, take advantage of it and regret it when it's gone.

''2) You're gonna get talked about, left out, used and even lied to but you have to decide who's worth the pain and who isn't.

''3) Even the people you care about the most can walk out of your life. 2013 taught me to be prepared for whatever life throws at you.''

The 39-year-old star's outpouring of emotion was met by kind words from close friends, including beauty Myleene Klass.

She responded: ''2013 kicked you in the arse, 2014 will show you how kick arse YOU are. The universe did you a massive favour. Promise. Xxxx (sic)''

Meanwhile, divorce proceedings between Nicole and the former Oasis singer - with whom she has 12-year-old son Gene - have also begun with Liam hiring Fiona Shackleton to represent him as he looks to protect his estimated $65 million fortune.